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Building Developments

Building for the future...

After much planning, fundraising and prayer the church building at White Rose Lane underwent a major redvelopment project that lasted from Oct 2009 to Dec 2010.

The aims of the project were as follows:

* To open-up the premises in order to make them more welcoming and accessible.
* To have top quality facilities for all users that meet 21st century needs and will allow the church site to become a focal point of community life and activity.
* To rejuvenate and update the entire site.
* To provide "space for quiet reflection" for anyone who needs it - any day of the week.
* To provide more space for our growing youth and children's work, as we seek to meet the social, physical and spiritual needs of today's young people.

The project is now complete and the new facility is allowing Woking URC to extend its impact in many ways. Read the Building development prospectus for more on the vision of this major undertaking.