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September 2017 CALENDAR

Weekly and regular activities

Sunday - 10.00 Prayer before Worship in the Vestry
10.30 Tots Together, Junior Church and FURY (Fellowship of United
Reformed Youth) meet in their groups after sharing in the first part of
Morning Worship
Monday - Boys' and Girls' Brigades (not 4th)
5.30 Anchors & Explorers 6.00 Junior Boys & Girls
7.15 Company, Seniors & Brigaders
Tuesday - 9.00 Prayers for Youth and Children's Work
10.30 Gentle Exercise Group
Wednesday - 10.00 Baby & Toddler Group
Thursday - 10.00 Prayers for help and healing [with Communion Service on 21st]
10.30 Meeting Point Coffee
Friday - 3.30 "Something Different" [Children's Club] (not 1st & 8th)
7.00 "Off The Wall" [Youth Club] (not 1st & 8th)
Saturday - 2.00 Contact Centre (1st & 3rd Saturdays)

House Groups meet twice a month for a time of fellowship together, study /discussion and a time of prayer. They are on Monday evening, Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning and evening and Thursday evening. Everyone is welcome to join one or visit, and the Minister or Church Secretary will be pleased to introduce you to a leader or host.

Sunday Worship, monthly meetings and other activities

3rd 10.30 Communion Service led by the Revd Bryony Davis
4th 2.30 Knitting Fellowship
6th 6.30 Early morning coffee for commuters and passers-by the Church
8.00 Recharge – First Ladies
7th 7.00 Elders' Meeting
9th 9.30 Craft Group
10th 10.30 Morning Worship with the Blessing of a child led by the Minister
12th 3.00 Diamond Cluster
7.30 Youth & Children's Work Committee
14th 12.30 Lunch Club
16th 8.00 (Morning) Taize Service
9.00 Walking the Way Prayer Morning (until 11.30 am)
17th 10.30 Morning Worship with an adult Baptism and Reception into Church
Membership led by the Minister – Walking the Way - Vision
18th 12.30 Church Family Weekend Planning Group
6.30 Early morning coffee for commuters and passers-by the Church
19th 7.45 Church Meeting
20th 7.30 Junior Church Leaders' Meeting
21st 10.00 Communion Service with Prayers for help and healing
7.00 Wessex Synod NE Area Gathering at Elvetham Heath
22nd Copy for October Magazine to the Editor (publication 1st October)
23rd 12.00 Peace Day Celebration in Mercia Walk, Town Centre
8.00 19th Club – The West Highland Way – Clive Wilis
24th 10.30 Morning Worship led by the Minister – Walking the Way – Giving
4.30 Newcomers' Tea Party
26th 8.00 Church in the World Group
29th 10.00 York Road Project Showcase at the Prop Day Centre, 30 Goldsworth Road
30th 9.00 Working Party on the Manse Garden
1st 10.30 Communion Service introducing Commitment for Life led by the Minister
and Robin Gray
3.00 Silver Sunday Tea and Entertainment
2nd 6.30 Early morning coffee for commuters and passers-by the Church
8.00 Churches Together in Woking Forum at St Dunstan's Church
3rd 7.00 Elders' Meeting
4th 8.00 Recharge – United Reformed, is that a football club?
5th 45th Anniversary of the Inauguration of the United Reformed Church
10.30 Meeting Point
8th 10.30 Harvest Festival – All-age Worship led by the Minister
3.30 Woking Churches' Sponsored Walk in aid of the new Hospice building