The Big Questions

We are inviting you to send in your tough questions about faith and life for our next teaching series. No question is off limits.

Join in our online services on Sun 4, 11 & 18 Oct to see how Lucy and Justin respond. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but together we’ll try to grapple with ‘The Big Questions’.

You can email your question to

Or send it in (anonymously if you wish) in the comment box below.

4 Replies to “The Big Questions”

  1. Val Ward

    I am struggling to find answers for my family, friends, colleagues and even strangers who ask “Why has God allowed COVID 19?” They ask – is it punishment for sin, judgement, a warning of things to come, preparation, time to draw nearer to God, natural selection, just a virus we will have to live with. The church seems quiet on this. I can’t find a unanimous voice from national Christian leaders. Can you help?

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