Jars of Change WaterAid Lent Appeal

WaterAid work with partners in some of the toughest parts of the world to provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. WaterAid also seek to convince governments to change laws, link policy makers with people on the ground, pool knowledge and resources and rally support from people and organisations around the world, making lasting change happen on a massive scale.

For many years, over Lent, Woking URC has organised a Jars of Change appeal where members of the church family would take empty jam jars home and fill them with coins during Lent.

This year we hope you will still be willing to continue to support this important work by making a single donation:


This year WaterAid is highlighting communities in Bangladesh who only have access to filthy and disease ridden water as can be seen by this link:


Just £360 could help to train 3 people to maintain a water pump, so that communities will have a lasting supply of clean water long into the future.