Order of service 26th July 2020

Sunday 26th July 2020
Live stream Morning Worship
led by the Revd Lucy Brierley and Sue Loudon
Acts 15

This Service, broadcast live, can be found via Facebook – www.facebook.com/wokingurc – or the front page of the Church’s website – www.wokingurc.org.uk   The Service will be available to see during the week as well.  If you would like some help to access either of them please email – office@wokingurc.org.uk .

This order of Service has been prepared so that you may fully participate at home and the sound of praise may ring across the town and many other parts of the world!

Most of the Services while the Church building is closed will continue to be recorded.  If you would like an mp3 (audio) file sent by a Dropbox link by email every week please send a message to the Church office (as above).  CDs (Sermon and Readings only) and DVDs will also be available and can be delivered or posted to you. Please email office@wokingurc.org.uk or if you are unable to email telephone Dave Tuson on 07817 007780.

Welcome and Notices 

Call to Worship

Hymn – Strength will rise

Hymn – The Lord’s my Shepherd (I will trust)

Prayers and the Lords Prayer

Sign of the Week

Family Time – The Acts of the A-Puppets, Chapter 15

Hymn – Jesus put this song into our hearts

Bible Readings –

Acts 15 v1-6, 19-21
Acts 13 v22-41

Hymn–God, how can we forgive


Hymn – Take this moment

Prayers for Others

Hymn – Praise my soul the King of Heaven (R&S 104)

Blessing & The Grace

All hymns printed in accordance with Church Copyright Licence 125991

Join us for Pause for Prayer every Wednesday at 7pm on www.wokingurc.org.uk and www.facebook.com/wokingurc

News and Notices

After the Service today – an opportunity to ‘meet’ each other via Zoom while you have your refreshments.  Follow the link on the Church’s website or Facebook page.  No Zoom Prayer Time this week, back next Sunday.

If you would like to give to the Church this can now be done through the link https://cafdonate.cafonline.org/12916 – or via a link on the front page of the Church’s website.  Regular giving by standing order continues in the same way without interruption during this lockdown period.

Prayers are very important, particularly at this time of isolation.  If you would like to request a prayer please contact the Church and Community Worker, Dave Tuson on 07817 007780 or email  churchcommunity@wokingurc.org.uk
If you would like to volunteer to commit to praying regularly at home, and receive a prayer list, please email Morwenna at  office@wokingurc.org.uk

If you would like to listen to another Service…..the URC is sending one out at 10 am each Sunday morning which can be accessed at any time afterwards.  Just go to –  https://devotions.urc.org.uk  – and you can also be signed up for the daily email which gives a Bible reading, a commentary and a prayer.

The Girls’ and Boys’ Brigades are now on their summer break.  The Prayers for the Church’s work with children and young people are also not meeting until    September.

The Minister is on holiday this week.  In her absence please contact one of your  pastoral Elders, the Church & Community Worker or the Church Secretary.

Wednesday – 11 am to 12 noon at the Church. Gifts for the York Road Project welcomed again – Bottled water, fresh fruit & vegetables including potatoes, snacks, crisps and pot noodles.

Thursday – 10 am – Prayers for help and healing. 
A short Service as close as possible to the weekly gathering for prayers which was held at the Church.

10.30 am Social Time Chat Everyone welcome at either or both. 
To share in either via Zoom the link is: https://Zoom.us/j/95986431118.   Should you need it, the meeting ID is 959-8643-1118.

Get Reform free on line!  During this time of Churches being closed and the need for more communication, there is a special offer for you to receive this URC magazine absolutely FREE.  Just follow this link: http://ow.ly/lBUW50yT73A.  
Current paper copy subscribers will still receive their copies at home.
One of the Church’s Lay Preachers, Vivien Gerhold, is leading ‘socially distanced’ Worship at Wonersh URC this morning.

Next live stream Worship occasions:
Wednesday 29th July –
7 pm Pause for Prayer
Sunday 2nd August – 10.30 am Communion Service- Acts 16 – In prison in Philippi