Order of Service 29th March 2020

Fifth Sunday in Lent

29th March 2020

Live stream Morning Worship

led by the Revd Lucy Brierley.  

This Service, broadcast live, can be found via Facebook – www.facebook.com/wokingurc – or the front page of the Church’s website – www.wokingurc.org.uk   The Service will be available to see during the week as well.  If you would like some help to access either of them please email – office@wokingurc.org.uk or telephone 01483 763078 (press 2).  There may be a delay in responding to a telephone message.

This order of Service has been prepared so that you may fully participate at home and the sound of praise may ring across the town and, after last Sunday’s take-up, across the country!

Most of the Services while the Church building is closed will continue to be recorded.  If you would like an mp3 (audio) file sent by a Dropbox link by email every week please send a message to the Church office (as above).  CDs will also be available for those not on email and can be delivered or posted to you.

Welcome and Notices 

Call to Worship

Come and worship,

all you who love and serve our God —

who surrounds us with unfailing love,

and answers us when we call;

who cares for the humble and lowly,

and never abandons those in need.

This is our God,

worthy of our worship and praise!

Hymn –     Come people of the risen King

Hymn –     Jesus is Lord, creation’s voice proclaims it (Rejoice and Sing p268)

Prayers & The Lord’s Prayer

Family Time

Hymn – My Lighthouse

Bible Readings:

Psalm 130

John 11 v1-45

Hymn – Speak O Lord as we come to you


Music for reflection

Prayers for Others   (including Hymn – Christ be in my waking)

Hymn – We shall go out with hope of resurrection

Prayers that you may find helpful…
In the 4th Century St Augustine prayed these words;
“Lord, save us!” O my God, my heart is like an immense sea, constantly tossed about by storms: may it find its peace and rest in you. You commanded the winds and the sea to be calm and they were stilled at the sound of your voice; come, still my heart’s restlessness so that everything within me may be calm and peaceful and so that I may possess you, O my only good, and contemplate you, O sweet light of my eyes.”  

A Prayer for the current situation
Let us pray to the Lord,
who is our refuge and stronghold. 
For the health and well-being of our nation,
that all who are fearful and anxious
may be at peace and free from worry:
Lord, graciously hear us.
For the isolated and housebound,
that we may be alert to their needs,
and care for them in their vulnerability:
Lord, graciously hear us.
For our homes and families,
our schools and young people,
and all in any kind of need or distress:
Lord, graciously hear us.
For a blessing on our local community,
that our neighbourhoods may be places of trust and friendship,
where all are known and cared for:
Lord, graciously hear us.
We commend ourselves, and all for whom we pray,
to the mercy and protection of God.
Merciful Father,
accept these prayers
for the sake of your Son,
our Saviour Jesus Christ.