Good Friday Worship

2nd April 2021, 10.00am

Call to worship

We come to worship
on a day that is different.
In the midst of the world
which holds the promise of spring and new life,
we have come to share a story of betrayal and execution.

Come and hear the tale,
come and share the tragedy,
come and embrace the darkness.

Let us pray,
God of Light, God of Shadow, in our time together today,
keep us aware of your presence in the darkness,
help us to see meaning in this terrible story,
and keep the fire of hope alive in our hearts.

Hymn – When I survey the wondrous cross (R&S217)


Prayers and The Lord’s Prayer

Bible Reading based on John 18 and 19 v1-18

Hymn – The Old Rugged Cross

Reading – John 19 v25b-27

Reading – The Mother

Hymn – Oh to see the dawn

Prayer Time

Reading – There is a Story

Hymn – Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice