Church In The World

We think that part of being a Christian is about finding new ways to build a fair and inclusive society.  We work to respond to the needs of neighbours – people in our own town – as well as strangers living elsewhere in the UK or overseas, who we are unlikely ever to meet. We are all members of a single human family and we are all made in God’s image.

The Church in the World Group is made up of a church members who share an interest in social issues both in Woking and in the wider world.  We act as representatives within our congregation for a variety of international organisations such as Christian Aid, Commitment For Life, Council For World Mission, Embrace the Middle East, and Fairtrade.

We also support a number of local initiatives including Woking Street Angels, Woking People of Faith, Children With Special Needs Foundation and a Traidcraft stall every Sunday in our church.

For more info please contact the church office.